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I spend a lot of time walking in the woods and forests close to my home. Spending so much time there I started to realise that I really didn’t know too much about the trees that surrounded me. My curiosity grew and I started to research.

Woodland walks are my escape from the busy hustle we find ourselves caught up in on a daily basis. It’s where I do a lot of my thinking, and I had a lot of questions around tree’s. Locally, a lot of tree’s have been cut down due to disease. The woodland looks so empty, and it made me realise the impact of what is happening all over the World. 

I always knew that trees were an important part of the fabric of the planet that we call home.  Conker fights, leaf spotting and Family woodland walks were a big part of my childhood. However, it wasn’t until becoming a young adult that I really started to appreciate tree’s and what they mean to us, the wildlife, and the environment. I was surprised what an impact they have on our lives and all the other life on the planet. 

This inspired me to share not only what I know, but what is shared with me.  

I believe education around tree’s is importantmore important than it has ever been, more so than when I was a childI’ve been inspired to do my best to help those who have a curiosity to identify and understand tree’s, by providing quick, easy, and digestible information, because I care for the future of trees.  

I hope that the content that the site provides can inspire you to be a little more curious and tree friendly the way creating has me. Whether that is being able to recognise the trees on your favourite walks, plant and grow a tree, to look after trees, or just fulfil a curiosity of how trees effect our health or appear in our daily lives.