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What Trees Bloom in Summer?

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Summer is the peak of the growing time for much of the Northern Hemisphere. Pretty much all trees are at their full growth potential in the summer months. In spring, the leaves return and the flowers bloom. With the spring bloom being so commonplace, we expect all plant life to bloom in spring. However, this is not the case. There are many tree species that bloom in early summer, late summer, and even into autumn.

When properly planning a garden, you will want to choose flowers and trees with different blooming periods. Not only is this a healthy way to mirror the natural environment, but it will also give you the most beautiful year-round.

Our definition of summer will follow the true lunar calendar. Early summer will be late June and early July. Midsummer will be late June to early August. Finally, late summer will be late August to mid-September.

Overall, trees that bloom in early summer are much easier to find than trees that bloom in late summer. As the days grow shorter, the trees begin to prepare for the cold winter months. Some of the blooms will start in early summer and last throughout the summer months.

 Despite the late bloom, the summer-blooming trees still produce beautiful and ornate flowers. Below, we will break down the trees that bloom in the summer with descriptions for identification and when they bloom.

Early Bloomers

  1. Smoketree
  2. Hawthorn
  3. Pagoda Dogwood

Midsummer Bloomers

  1. Golden Raintree
  2. Japanese Tree Lilac
  3. Linden Tree

Late Bloomers

  1. Seven Sons Flower
  2. Crepe Myrtles
  3. Sourwood

What trees bloom first in summer?

The trees listed in this section are our late bloomers when compared to the spring, but still, beat out our summer bloomers. It is mid-June when summer begins and so the trees have fully absorbed that early summer heat. The Northern states are finally reaching temperatures suitable for some the late spring blooming trees. As you travel northward from the southern border of the United States, you will see varying states of blooming in this timeframe. The climates can vary greatly across the country and so trees will bloom at slightly different points in early summer.

1. Smoketree

What Trees Bloom in Summer - Smoketree

The smoketree adds unique color to the landscape year-round. In the early summer months, the smoketree turns a smoky pink. The tree stays this color until August. Overall, the smoke tree grows to 15 feet in height with a spread of equal size. They grow quickly, easily climbing a foot or more in a year.

You will find yellow-pink flowers on the smoketree in mid-June. The flowers change color over the summer culminating in a smoky pink color by late summer. The leaves are bluish-green. Also, the leaves will reach a length between one and four inches.

The smoketree is native to Europe and Asia. It is generally used as a decorative tree because of the unique rainbow of colors it displays throughout the year.

2. Hawthorn

What Trees Bloom in Summer - Hawthorn

The Hawthorn tree blooms in mid-June. All in all, the flowers are white with pink details. The leaves are small, growing to 2 inches in length. Mature leaves are dark green while the younger leaves are light green.

The flowers turn to dark red berries. They are edible by animals and humans. In fact, the berries stay on the branches well into spring if they remain uneaten.

The Hawthorn grows to 30 feet in height. The canopy stretches up to 25 feet. Like the smoke tree, the Hawthorn grows between one and two feet a year.

3. Pagoda Dogwood

What Trees Bloom in Summer - Pagoda Dogwood

The Pagoda dogwood is native to Illinois and blooms in late June. It grows to a shorter height of 25 feet with a 30-foot spread. The leaves are oval-shaped and grow to 4 inches in length. Overall, the leaves are a medium green that turns purple in the fall.

The small flowers that appear in June are white.

Many animals and birds are attracted to the Pagoda dogwood because of the ripe berries that grow on them in July.

What trees bloom midsummer?

With the full summer heat upon us, these trees are just now blooming. Their stunning flowers and scents mix in with the summer air as it blows around us. Typically, these trees produce flowers midsummer to develop berries by late summer for fertilization. Like the spring, the middle of summer sees an influx of blooming trees compared to the beginning and end of summer.

1. Golden Raintree

What Trees Bloom in Summer - Golden Raintree

The golden raintree is a beautiful tree that flowers during summer. With yellow blossoms for most of the summer, the golden raintree adds a pop of color against the typical green summer landscape.

The golden raintree is a durable tree that withstand the toughest growing environments. Not only is it hardy, but it is tolerant to many conditions. They grow to 40 feet in height. Additionally, the spread of the golden raintree is 35 feet at maturity.

The yellow blossoms grow in clusters, but each flower is only ½ inch wide. All in all, the leaves are dark green which stands in contrast to the yellow blossoms.

2. Japanese Tree Lilac

 What Trees Bloom in Summer - Japanese Tree Lilac

The Japanese tree lilac is like the lilac bushes we see growing across the United States, but is much larger. There are smaller versions that grow to 25 feet while the larger species grow to 40 feet. Overall, the width ranges between 15 and 25 feet.

The Japanese tree lilac grows white flowers in large clusters. These flowers attract many pollinators, hummingbirds, and butterflies. The leaves are very dark green and grow in pairs.

Ultimately, the Japanese tree lilac is native to Japan. However, it transplant well and grows in many places in the United States.

3. Linden Tree

What Trees Bloom in Summer - Linden Tree

The linden tree blooms in midsummer. With heart-shaped leaves, the tall linden trees stand out. Furthermore, the linden tree produces cream flowers with a wonderful fragrance.

Altogether, the American linden tree grows well above 130 feet. The spread is smaller and reaches a max of 40 feet.

A dense canopy creates ample shade for anyone who wants to play beneath its branches. Like the golden raintree, the linden tree is incredibly durable. They stand up to pollution and other harsh conditions without issue.

What trees bloom last in summer?

The trees in this category will bloom just as we approach autumn. It is not nearly as hot as the midsummer months. The pop of color these trees give the landscape in late summer is something wonderful to be seen.

1. Seven Sons Flower

What Trees Bloom in Summer - Seven Sons Flower

The Sevens Sons Flower is one of the last trees to bloom in the summer. The whitish-pink flowers bloom in late August and sometimes into September. With a lovely fragrance, pollinators love the Seven Sons Flower.

Native to China, the Seven Sons Flower has gained significant popularity in the United States because of its tolerance to dry conditions. Moreover, it grows well in sandy soil. The Seven Sons Flower stands at 25 feet in height with a 15-foot spread.

The late bloom makes it a popular addition to gardens.

2. Crepes Myrtle

What Trees Bloom in Summer - Crepes Myrtle

The crepes myrtle grows in many southern climates. In warm weather, they reach a height of 30 feet with 15 feet spread. These small trees grow at a surprising rate. In fact, your crepes myrtle will grow up to three feet a year with ease.

The flowers of the crepes myrtle come in a variety of colors including white, red, purple, and pink. These flowers appear in August to round out the summer months. Dark green leaves contrast the blooms when present.

These trees are tolerant once firmly rooted and established. However, they do not tolerate cold or frost well.

3. Sourwood

What Trees Bloom in Summer - Sourwood

The sourwood is a beautiful tree that grows to 30 feet in height. The 20-foot spread of dark green leaves creates ample shade and safety for insects and creatures alike. The white blooms droop toward the ground.

If planted in a suitable location, the sourwood tree can live for 200 years. It reaches maturity quickly because it grows up to 2 feet in a year.

While many choose to plant this tree for its blossoms, it is also a good choice for the autumn colors it displays.

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