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How to Make a Great Holiday Garland

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There is nothing like fresh holiday garland strung along the railing or the fireplace. Overall, garland is equal parts beautiful and inexpensive. Garland adds a wonderful pine smell to your house during the holiday season. Nothing beats a fresh cut of garland hanging in your home. All in all, garland is a bit more complicated than making a wreath.

Wreaths use a solid frame to weave around. However, garland is not that structured. It is also much larger than most wreaths. Just as with wreaths, you can take a walk into the woods and collect branches to create your own garland. You can add as much decoration as you desire. As you build, you can weave lights in your garland and even add pinecones and ribbon.

With very little material and our directions, you can craft your own beautiful garland.

Materials Needed for Your Holiday Garland

Both pines and firs make excellent choices for your garland. Also, the needles are soft, and the branches are easy to manipulate. If you have access to any evergreen trees, you will only need a few limbs to create your garland. The longer you plan for your garland to be, the more branches you will need. Also, pine trees are not densely packed with needles. You may need to double up the branches in your garland to make it thick enough.

It is best to choose green wire or rope to extend the full length your garland. Green is the best choice because it will blend in if every inch is not covered with garland.

Additionally, you will need floral wire (it is green) to wrap your garland to your rope and to weave multiple branches together.

The final items you will need are any directions you wish to add such as lights, ribbons, pinecones, and ornaments.

How to Make Your Own Holiday Garland

First, create a loop at the end of your rope so that you can hang it where you desire. If you are unsure how to attach it, at the very least you will want to leave extra work to affix it later. Once you leave your extra rope, you will want to attach your floral wire to your rope.

Throughout the construction of your garland, you will want to keep your greenery facing the same way. Also, keep your floral wire as one solid piece. That being said, you will not cut the wire until the very end.

Second, take one handful of greenery and wrap the wire around the middle to attach it to the rope. Now, take another handful and overlap your first bundle. Allow the second bundle to extend slightly further than the first. Using the wire, attach the second bundle to your rope as well.

You will continue this process of layering and extending a few inches until you reach your desired length. Overall, the closer you tie the bundles, the thicker your garland will be.

In the end, you will repeat the pattern of bundling and tying about 100 times. After all, it all depends on how long you want your garland to be. However, this makes it great because you truly get to choose as long as you want it.

For the last bundle, turn it in the opposite direction of the rest and secure it in the same way. We have now reached the point you can cut your floral wire. Although, you will want to tie and secure your floral wire before the last cut.

Decorating Your Holiday Garland

Using your floral wire, you can create wire legs to attach pinecones, bows, and ornaments. In fact, these decorations are the perfect way to cover up any gaps in your garland. Even vines and twigs are great additions for decorations.

If you plan to weave ribbon or Christmas lights through your garland, you will need to plan them ahead of time. They will secure better and look more natural if added as you weave.

How to Care for Your Fresh Holiday Garland

Fresh garland can last most of the month of December without issue. However, it is much heavier than fake garland and you will want to secure it properly wherever you hang it.

If your garland is over a fireplace, you will want to mist it with water every morning to keep it fresh. This will give it the best longevity in such a dry environment.

Otherwise, your garland is very low maintenance. It is a beautiful addition to your home during the holiday season and it will give it a wonderful aroma as you celebrate.

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