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How to Make Your Own Spectacular Holiday Wreath

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The holiday season is almost upon us! Even though the winter months are lacking in greenery outside, that does not mean you have to be completely without color. Especially if you are from the snowy North, you may want a pop of evergreen colors around the home can liven up the soul.

In a world of do-it-yourself, it is easy to make your own holiday decorations. From cut-your-own Christmas trees, garland, and wreaths, you can easily put together all three together to brighten up your home.

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Christmas Advert for Etsy

With DIY decorations, you can choose how simple or ornate the decorations are. That being said, the supplies needed may be minimal dependent on your plan. Below, we will give step-by-step instructions for creating your own wreath as well as the supplies needed.

You do not need to approach this project with a significant crafting experience. In fact, this project is very beginner friendly. You will just need to open up and get those creative juices flowing. Most of the tools and supplies needed are easy to find around the house.

Supplies Need to Make Your Own Wreath


The most important aspect of the wreath is the beautiful evergreen branches. If you have access and the ability, forage for branches in the woods. When searching in the winter months, the evergreen trees are pretty obvious with their dark green needles still present. You will ideally want to look for soft evergreens. The spruce family is full of sharp-needled trees that hold their branch shape, but are difficult to work with.

fir tree in snow

Generally speaking, fir and pine trees are great choices. The great thing about all three families of trees is they grow just about everywhere. Also, it is not important to identify what type of tree branches you choose. However, pick them based on ease of access and texture.

If you do not have access to any evergreen trees, reach out to your local florist to purchase branches from them. You will need to start with a planned wreath size. Overall, this will determine how long to cut your branches. Always cut longer than you think you will need.


After the branches, the wreath frame is highly important. Most craft stores carry frames for you to weave your wreath. Additionally, Amazon and many other online stores will ship frames to you without a problem.

Wreath frames come in a variety of sizes. An 8 inch ring will yield a 12 to 16 inch wreath. This is a good size for your door. Also, a 12 inch ring will yield an 18 to 22 inch wreath, which is perfect for large doors and walls. Finally, a 20 inch ring will yield a 30 to 34 inch wreath. A large wreath will fit perfectly in between windows.

Craft Supplies

The craft supplies you choose for your wreath will vary on your style and how much you want to spend. Many choose to decorate their wreaths with ribbons, pinecones, moss, and artificial leaves.

Dependent on your climate, you can find the moss while searching for branches. Furthermore, the pinecones are easy to collect as you cut branches. Pinecones are wonderful because they come in so many shapes and sizes. With every unique shape and size, you can change the appeal of your wreath.

All other craft supplies to decorate can be purchased from craft stores. All in all, ribbons and artificial leaves will add a pop of color to your wreath. With a large enough wreath, you can add Christmas ornaments for decoration and color.

In order to attach your branches to the frame, you will need reel wire. It is a very thin wire that hides easily in the branches. In fact, florists use a green version that hides even better in the foliage. Strong scissors that will trim your wire, branches, and decorations are vital.

How to Create Your Wreath

1. Attach your reel wire to your frame

Start with a few twists of your reel wire around one portion of your frame.

wreath frame

The goal is to anchor the wire, so it does not pull away. However, do not cut the wire.

2. Add foliage to the frame

Add your branches to the frame. Moss will add depth and fullness to your wreath. Also, add the foliage in the same direction for the entire wreath. You will want to overlap each addition to the previous one.

3. Complete the wreath with foliage

Complete your wreath frame with foliage. Allowing some branches to splay out from the frame will add texture and beauty to the wreath. When complete, cut your wire and leave enough to secure it to the frame for closure.

4. Attach a hanger

Considering this is a wreath, you will want to hang it up somewhere for everyone to see. So, secure your hanger to the frame. The hanger you choose may vary from a metal hanger to a ribbon. Whatever you choose, they will all attach to the frame on the backside of your wreath. Overall, ensure you choose a hanger strong enough to support your wreath.

5. Decorate your wreath

Using your reel wire, attach your decorations to your wreath. After all, the reel wire is easily cut and wrapped to make sturdy legs for your decorations. Twist the wire around the wreath frame, hiding the wire as much as possible, and secure your decorations.

Designing and creating a wreath is a quick and easy project. With the supplies found in nature, it is a relatively inexpensive project. Wreaths are a classic staple of Christmas decorations. However, with the time put into them by florists and crafters, they can have a steep price tag. Putting one together yourself is simple after collecting branches and pinecones outside. With a few extra supplies and our step-by-step guide above, you will have no issues creating your own beautiful wreath right in time for Christmas.

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