What is the World’s tallest tree?

The world's tallest known tree was discovered in 2006, called the Hyperion, a type of Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens).

Quick Facts




Last measured in 2019, standing at 116.07m (380 ft 9.7 in). 


Coast Redwood


4.94 m (16 ft 2.5 in)

Scientific Name

Sequoia Sempervirens

Discovery Date

25 August 2006 by Chris Atkins and Richard Taylor (USA)  


Estimated age between 600 and 800 years old.


Its precise location is kept secret to help protect it, but is located in the Redwood National Park in California, USA 

The Hyperion - The World's Tallest Tree

The Hyperion stands in the Redwood National Park at 116.07m amongst other tall Redwood trees, making it the world's tallest tree. The exact location is to be secret, because of a negative impact tourist may have on the tree's ecosystems. Having large numbers of people crowding round the tree to take photographs can alter the ground conditions surrounding the roots of the trees. As well as the implications of tourists trying to climb the tree, damage to bark from engraving, and leaving rubbish.  

Whilst the Hyperion tree is the tallest in the world, Redwood trees regardless very tall. The Hyperion is thought to be around 600-800 years old, but they think the lifespan of a Redwood is usually 1000+ years old, with some thought to be living at around 2000 years old.

They are a type of evergreen tree, meaning that they hold on to their leaves all year round. They typically grow up to 300 foot tall.   

As the Hyperion has a large trunk diameter of 4.94m, it contains 18,600 cubic feet of wood! A mark at the base of the tree suggests it was going to be cut down until the National Park purchased the land. There is also woodpecker damage present on the tree, which may have prevented it growing any taller. When the tree was originally measured in 2006, they recorded the height as 115.55m (379 ft 1.2 inch), so a growth difference of 0.52 m in 13 years!  

Climbing the Hyperion - The World's Tallest Tree

Here’s a video of Jim Spickler describing what it's like to climb the Hyperion in 2006.

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